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Its been around 8 months. Better late than never I guess. I will try to stay consistent with these blogs now and upload a minimum of 2 blogs a month. (Lets see how long it lasts this time)
I want to start off with a style of blog I did before, which actually done really well.
YouTube. Yes, YouTube videos that I have watched which impacted my life… nah but for real. I wanted to make this blog on videos/channels that I have been watching that are either underrated or mad funny. The thing is, some of these channels are very old channels but I have only started watching YouTube again. I needed a break from watching Youtube because I’ve been STOOPID busy with work and life in general. A busy life is also the reason for me not blogging or starting YouTube… I know 8 months is a stretch. However, I promise in these 8 months, it has been mad because I got a new job and I am trying to fully adjust to it.
Enough of all that!!
The first video, ahh the video I want to review first has to be…

Burger Challenge

It's been a while...

However, let us not focus on the negative...

About the "Son of a bun" challenge -
2 buns
6 burger patties
12 hash browns
An infestation of cheese
10 onion rings
And fries
1 milkshake (no water allowed)

Last week, I went on a foodie venture and I was not disappointed. As far as food challenges go, I did not think that the "Son of a bun challenge" would be too hard. When I saw the other videos of the challenge it honestly seemed like it was a few slabs of meat, onion rings and chips... I mean, that is all that it looks like in the picture right??

Hell no!! Once you actually get cracking on the challenge, you quickly realise that there isn't an "easy" starting point because it all looks like a mountain of food and the carbs and grease start to mock you. I decided, the best place to start this monstrosity of a challenge would be to try and demolish the meat then work my way to the onion rings and fries…

Making A Dream Come True

We live in a generation where having a dream and going for it is easier than ever. Now, as much as people love talking utter breeze about how the internet is ruining everything in society. I would like to spin that and remind everyone that if it wasn't for the internet, we wouldn't have access to things like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc.

If you have dream job and you are scared to go for it. The silly but true answer for you, is go for it and just grind. In life, you get a very few chances to make your dream a reality and the worst thing we can do is to let them slip away before we even try!! I'm not a motivational speaker, so I can't really think of magical mind controlling words to make you feel inspired. What I can say as my words of wisdom is... Believe in yourself and block out the misanthropist.

In all of my previous blogs, I am certain that I have mentioned something about 2018 being 'The Year' and I truly believe that. If you can't already tell,…

Gym in 2018

Just like that, we are already into the third day of 2018. I want to remain optimistic about this year because it has started off looking positive. If you are having doubts about going to the gym and working out because; it won't work, don't have motivation, worried about starting or anything else. My advice, for absolutely anyone who is in possession of those kind of negative feelings is... you have to start somewhere and it's better to start now rather than later. For myself, the hardest part of going to the gym was working through the burn and keeping up with the progression. I feel, that a lot of on/off gym goers suffer from this common issue of getting into a slightly better shape than what you were, when you first started then stop going and add the pounds back on to get back to how you were before you started going to the gym or worse.

When I was thinking about this blog, my main aim was to see if I could give any form of advice on what "should" help you,…

Bring on 2018!!

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Happy New Year!!

So 2017, finally over!!

The year of absolute chaos has finally concluded and we can look forward to 2018 being a lot better? I don't want to jinx anything but surely 2018 can't be worse. We've seen some of the biggest icons pass away, we've witnessed spine tingling tragedies and it just seemed to be a year of sheer madness. I am not going to start from January and work my way through all the months. I am just going to select some of the most memorable moments in my opinion from each month and give my thoughts on them. I'm going to keep my focus on things which happened internet-wise and maybe add a few world news bits in but mainly light hearted news.

Well, well, well, January wasn't exactly the best start for many people with President Trump firing shots at the Muslim community, trying to pass laws to ban them. However, I feel like if I talk about Trump and his laws and all his shenanigans then this blog wi…

Gym Thoughts

So, we are nearing the time where the gym will be so busy with new and old members, you will actually contemplate doubling up with someone on the treadmill. It's not just the treadmill though. There will be an absolute party by the weights. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will be trying to bench press triple their body weight, just so they look like a gym lad for their new Instagram picture which will probably get captioned with something along the lines of... "New year grind" or "This is my year, just watch."  To those people, I want to say good luck but in reality we all know it's going to be "The Grind" for about one month. After that month it's going to be back to normal for most people. By normal I mean, most people will go back to sitting at home and promising themselves that "tomorrow" is the day they will get back to it.

If you're like me, you will probably motivate yourself so much that you will end up feeling like you've g…

YouTube Clips of The Week

I'm going to try to find videos on YouTube that I think are cool or interesting and share my views on them. 
Hope you enjoy it!!

I've never really been a fan of these types of videos and I can't really think of a reason why, I just don't like them.

However, this video from Us The Duo is something else. I can see why they have nearly 2 million subs on YouTube. Every song they sang was quality but I do think the rapping was a bit cringe especially when they got to Kendrick Lamar's track.

I think the best bit was when they transition from Havana to Logic's 1-800-273-8255... nothing else to really comment on for that video, just something I enjoyed watching that I normally wouldn't watch.

From the thumbnail it looks bad. Looks like her dog is dying, dead or something along those lines but trust me it's not. It's a video of a girl crying because her dog had a haircut.

Now don't get me wrong the dog doesn't look great and in the video he doesn…